Friday, April 06, 2007

Microsoft SQL 2005 Maintenance Wizard Part 3

Microsoft SQL 2005 Maintenance Wizard Part 3: "This article focuses on the SQL Server 2005 Maintenance Plan Wizard for creating Database Backup operations. The Maintenance Plan Wizard is a graphical interface for creating a variety of database housekeeping tasks. In addition to Backup operations, maintenance items such as reorganizing data and index files, updating statistics and performing consistency checks can be performed. These tasks should be done on a regular basis to insure SQL performance and data integrity are optimized. All of these tasks can be executed using TSQL commands, however the Maintenance Plan Wizard makes selecting these tasks and their options easy. In addition, the Wizard will assemble all of your selected tasks into a reusable and customizable package.

Part 1 of this series introduced the Maintenance Plan Wizard and demonstrated how to use the Wizard for creating Data Check Integrity Tasks, Shrink Database Tasks, Reorganize Index Tasks, and the Rebuild Index Tasks.

Part 2 continued with explanation of Agents XPs, then demonstrated the Update Statistics Task as well the Clean Up History Task. Lastly, the Designer was introduced. The Designer can be used for both creating maintenance tasks from scratch and for modifying packages created by the Wizard. "


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